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CHOBOTIX at ICT’s Open Days

Come and check out CHOBOTIX presentation at ICT’s Open Days this Friday (22. 11. 2013, 9-15) and Saturday (23. 11. 2013, 9-13) on the ground floor of the building B, on the right side of main entrance. As a part of the Chemical Engineering Department, lyophilizer (freeze dryer), UV/Vis spectrophotometer and 3D printer will be presented. These techniques are commonly utilized for preparation, characterization and ex-vivo testing of chemical robots. In addition the rest of the CHOBOTIX project will be presented as a slide-show projection.

Lyophilization is a type of mild drying method which does not destroy the structure and nutrients (proteins, vitamins, etc.) of the dried sample so that it is suitable for drying of vegetables and fruits (will be presented with edible samples). In our laboratory, lyophilization is used for preparation of dried liposomes and various nanoparticles.

UV/Vis spectrophotometer can detect various substances which absorb light in the UV and visible range of the light spectrum. As a color carrier, particles of calcium alginate will be used. You will be able to try to produce these particles in situ by yourself.

3D printed structures for ex-vivo testing are an aim of our future to save animal lives during the testing of pharmaceutical carriers. At present, printing of bones, cartilages (ear, knee) and tissues (skin, liver) are researched. Structures for cells growing can be printed as well and our laboratory is going to take part of this challenging research. We currently have a basic 3D printer for testing purposes which can only print PLA and ABS plastics. 3D printer will be shown live and in action at our stand.