21 November 2008
The Chobotix project was featured during the Scientia Pragensis event, an annual presentation of research carried out in Prague-based universities.

15 September 2008
More media coverage for the CHOBOTIX project:
– an article about the project was published in the Academic Bulletin;
– a report from the opening of the Lab appeared in the monthly journal Echo;
– an interview with the PI was also published in Echo;
– another article about Chobotix appeared in the Impuls magazine.

27 July 2008
The launch of the CHOBOTIX project and the official opening ceremony of the newly refurbished Chemical Robotics Laboratory took place in the presence of the rector, prof. Josef Koubek, and a representative from the ERC, Mr. Kris Piot. The event was reported in the Czech national TV (see report and live interview for download or as web stream).

27 July 2008
Frantisek Stepanek was awarded the Medal of the Minister of Education. The medal was awarded during the CHOBOTIX launch event by the Deputy Minister for Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, prof. Vlastimil Ruzicka.

19 May 2008

The Grant Agreement has been signed by the European Reseach Council and the official starting date of the CHOBOTIX project is 1 June 2008.