18 December 2011
Mandeep Singh has been awarded the AML Scientist Award at the ICNANO 2011 conference in Delhi, India. Many congratulations!

25 November 2011
Many congratulations to James Kimber who successfully passes his PhD viva at Imperial College today. Well done, Dr Kimber 🙂

5 out of 9 podium places in this years’ chemical engineering experimental section of the SVK student competition go to members of the Chobotix group: David, Zuzka and Martin Ĺ . bring home bronze from their respective sections, Nina takes silver and Martin J. has won his section. Excellent job, everyone!

15 November 2011
A warm welcome to Zhao Zhou who joins the group to pursue his PhD.

27 October 2011
Congratulations to undergraduate student Marek Ĺ oltys for placing 3rd in the best poster award at the CHISA Congress among tough competition from PhD students.

17 October 2011
New students joining the group: Damian Gorný, Viktorie Čermochová and Matěj Novák. Welcome and good luck with your work!

29 June 2011
Zuzana Kremláčková, Martin Jakubec, Anna Pittermannová and David Smrčka have successfully passed their state examinations and so completed the first cycle of their studies. Many congratulations and good luck for your further work!

23 June 2011
Marek Schöngut has won the ‘Best poster award – applicability to industry’ (sponsored by Unilever) at the 5th International Granulation Workshop held on June 20-22 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Many congratulations!

11 June 2011
The National Technical Library has prepared a rich programme for the visitors of The Prague Museum Night – Science and Technology at the Heart of Dejvice. We have presented Chobotix project.

2 June 2011
Congratulations to Martin Ullrich and Michal BroĹľ for successfully passing their State Examinations and defending their Diploma (Master’s) Theses.

16 May 2011
An article about the European Research Council, featuring several ERC-funded projects including Chobotix, recently appeared in the IEEE Pulse magazine.

8 May 2011famelab
Today Jitka Čejková participated in the national final of the FameLab research competition. She ranked in the top-10 nationally, which is an excellent achievement. See TV report from the first round.

18 March 2011
Many congratulations to our collaborator Dong Nguyen Thanh for winning the first prize in the competition “Smart solutions for the environment” for his work on nano-structured adsorbents for arsenic removal (see recent publication).

16 February 2011
Excellent news for Viola Tokárová, who was successful in obtaining a research grant under the AKTION scheme for collaboration with the Institute of Environmental Biotechnology of the Graz University of Technology.