IMG_6871 (Medium)Bruker is an easy-to-use and cryogen-free high-performance compact MRI desktop system. It is equipped with 1 Tesla desktop MRI scanner for small rodents like rats and mice or other laboratory specimens within the same size.

Our applications:

  • Visualization of tablet dissolution
  • Observation of particle adhesion in 3D systems
  • Monitoring particles in test subjects

Technical specifications:

  • Innovative cryogen-free permanent 1 Tesla magnet
  • Exceptionally small footprint desktop MRI system
  • Negligible magnetic fringe field
  • Gradient strength of 450 mT/m
  • Advanced digital RF AVANCE III architecture
  • Silent operation and negligible running costs
  • RF Coils for rats and mice and integrated animal handling
  • MRI software package ParaVision

See manufacturer’s overview of this product for more details.

Examples of our applications:

dissolution imaging

Visualization of tablet dissolution under flow in time (from left to right)

Tablet dissolution

The possibilities of the evaluation of polymeric matrix swelling.

Plastic holder

Custom made (3D printed) tablet holder for dissolution imaging application.