Jeol JCM-5700 Scanning Electron Microscope

Despite it’s compact size, JCM-5700 has all the capabilities of a scanning electron microscope. Both in terms of imaging and obtaining micro- and nano-relief surfaces of the sample with magnification in the range from x8 to x300000, and in terms of elemental analysis by energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer.

The software allows to carry out high-precision quantitative measurements on the images, including three-dimensional images obtained using stereo mode.

Our applications:

  • Sample morphology observation
  • Quality control
  • Inner structure visualization using micro-CT attachment
  • Visualization of sample composition

Technical specifications:

  • Resolution 5 nm
  • Accelerating voltage 0.5 – 20 kV
  • Magnification range x8 – x300000
  • Maximum sample size 150 mm in diameter and 43 mm in height

Examples of our applications:

Close-up image of Diadesmis gallica's frustule with visible hollow and porous structure

Close-up image of Diadesmis gallica’s frustule with visible hollow and porous structure

SkyScan Micro-CT SEM attachment

We have our SEM equipped with the SkyScan Micro-CT. This inexpensive attachment adds to any SEM a unique capability to image and measure 2D/ 3D morphometry throughout the entire sample volume, and create realistic visual models for virtual travel within the object.

  • Detail detectability down to 500nm
  • Using SEM electron beam to generate x-rays
  • Possible to work with conductive and non-conductive samples
  • No requirement of any connections to SEM or modifications
  • No ring artifacts in 3D slices due to direct detection camera
  • Supplied with software for 2D/ 3D image analysis and realistic visualization

See manufacturer’s overview of this product for more details.

Examples of our applications:

CT scan of a granule

Tomography cut showing the inner structure of a granule