24 November 2022

Student success at SVK competition

The annual Student scientific conference (SVK) took place at UCT Prague today and Chobotix group members have displayed a very strong presence among the competitors. In […]
11 November 2022

PhD for Jiřina

Today, Chobotix group member Jiřina Kroupová has successful defended her PhD thesis titled “Development and application of 3D cell spheroids for the evaluation of drug efficacy”, […]
6 November 2022

Oil marble technology licensing

MarbleMat s.r.o., founded by Ing. Ondřej Rychecký from the Chobotix group at UCT Prague’s Department of Chemical Engineering, signed a license agreement and patent transfer agreement […]
30 October 2022

Tereza defends PhD

Many congratulations to Tereza Krejčí for successfully defending her PhD thesis titled “Model based development of advanced formulations for bioavailability enhancement and food effect elimination of […]
30 October 2022

AAPS Boston

Prof. Frantisek Stepanek delivered a presentation titled “Manufacture of Minitablets with High Drug Content”, authored by Elizaveta Mutylo and co-authored by Erik Sonntag, at the AAPS […]
29 September 2022

Collegium Pharmaceuticum in Poznan

Professor Frantisek Stepanek delivered an invited lecture titled “Manufacturing concepts for personalized multi-drug combinations” at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Poznan University of Medical Sciences on the […]
28 September 2022

Success at Falling Walls Wrocław

Many congratulations to our PhD student Erik Sonntag for winning the bronze medal at the international science popularisation event Falling Walls that took place in Wrocław, […]
24 September 2022

9th World Congress on Particle Technology

Chobotix group members have participated at the 9th World Congress on Particle Technology, which was held in Madrid, Spain on 18-22 September 2022. We have presented […]
10 September 2022

Best Poster Award for Martin Balouch

Many congratulations to our PhD student Martin Balouch for winning the Best Poster Award at the recent ORBIS School on Biopharmaceutical Evaluation of Dosage Forms and […]